Wine + Park + Clueless Owner

This is a formula for success.

Off I went to the pub with Sarah to show off my new dog who I thought was pretty cool. We had wine, it was Summer after all… After a bottle of rose we had a great idea, hit the park and let Larry run!

Another thing I’ve learnt, recall is something you need to train. I just assumed all dogs would stick with their owners so we got to Verulamium park and off the lead came. A couple things then happened:

  1. Larry can run bloody fast
  2. Larry can run bloody far
  3. Sarah and I are not good in a panic and stand still looking dumb
  4. Larry disappears quickly
  5. Larry comes back!!

After a few tense minutes this crazy fast dog came running back up the hill to us! Major relief. I then researched recall training and enclosed fields.

I’ve also now learnt about dog etiquette and you do NOT let your dog off lead if he doesn’t come back when called. You also don’t let your dog bound up to other dogs that you don’t know. We escaped the park before we met any other owners and went back to the safety of the pub.

Turns out I’m clueless…

Monday morning and our first vets appointment. I’d taken the week off work to settle Larry in and get everything sorted.

First of all he’s 2. He’s not an old dog. I have a dog for a lot longer than I was expecting but I’m not complaining (now.)

He was meant to have a cone on as he had the snip but that idea literally flew out the window. The stitches needed to come out as he had a slight infection so a couple hundred quid down and off we went to settle in properly.

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Turns out I know nothing about dogs, but he’s bloody cute. I had bought all the gadgets for him so they’ve started to arrive which is fun (including some clothes….)

Things I’ve learnt after having Larry for the weekend:

  1. He sleeps everywhere and usually right where you want to stand
  2. He doesn’t like long walks in the hot sun without water (bad owner….)
  3. He chews everything with a particular fancy for shoes and cushions
  4. He’s stubborn
  5. He’s a picky eater
  6. He’s toilet trained but that’s it
  7. You can’t leave dogs alone with little kids (nothing happened but just something I was taught, some might say common sense)
  8. Greyhound mixes don’t necessarily sit

I mean this list could go on but I think you’re getting the idea, I’m f**king clueless about dogs, but did I mention he’s super cute?